Monday, October 28, 2013

October 2013: Biloxi Mississippi

I got back to the boat last Thursday and have been doing the things you do before a cruise: filling the water/fuel tank, strapping the kayak and inflatable dinghy down, checking the engine, hooking up the electronics(I take them home when I leave the boat), loading food and clothes, making up the beds, and general organization of stuff.  I did add a clock and barometer inside and a compass on the outside so I can lay down in the cockpit and keep an eye on direction without straining my neck.  My steering is still mushy so I will probably bleed the hydraulics one more time before leaving.

But it hasn't been all work.  Amy came down with me for three days and we packed a lot of eating and touring into those days, like the Walter Anderson art gallery in Ocean Springs, and the Bay St. Louis Festival, and dining in some nice places like Mary Mahoney's and The Half Shell Oyster Bar, both in Biloxi.  We even tried to go to a Willie Nelson Concert at one of the Casinos but it was sold out.

I will put the boat on the hard in Carrabelle for three months when I get there, but hopefully have a good cruise on the way there.  My plan is to jog on all of the deserted beaches I can and take some pictures along the way.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back on the Boat in a Week

Ill be headed back to Biloxi next week to continue sailing for about a month.  The plan is to meander my way east toward Apalachicola and put my boat on the hard around November 25th somewhere in the area of Carrabelle, Florida.  Apalachicola was one of my favorite places on my trip south this year and I look forward getting back to this area.  I will definitely slow down this time compared to my trip down in January and enjoy the sights a bit more.  I will also have more experience ocean sailing this time around (instead of none at all) so that should make for a more relaxed time out on the water.  So, right now that's the plan.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tropical Storm Karen is Headed My Way

I am sitting in my boat as she snaps at my dock lines as the wind is starting to build outside.  Yes, I am a bit nervous.  Luckily I have met two other sailors that have found a nice hurricane hole 13 miles up the Biloxi River.  We have already positioned two boats there today and tomorrow morning we will take two more and ride out the storm there.  This will be my first experience with a big storm system.  I have loaded the boat with essential storm goods, beer and sardines, and  a lot of rope and chain.  The storm is supposed to reach us Saturday sometime.  Wish us luck and send good Karma.