Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quick Update

I have been to my boat once since leaving it in Carrabelle, Florida last October.  I spent 5 days applying bottom paint, beefing up the rudder with a few layers of fiberglass, and some engine/drive maintenance.  For some reason, the cutlass bearing didn't get enough water flow for lubrication and it grooved my prop shaft.  So off to the shop the shaft went for repairs and I installed a new cutlass bearing.  I am going to hook up a water supply to the PYI PSS dripless shaft seal from one of the thru hulls.  I am reluctant to supply the seal from the engines wet exhaust as I have read this can cause engine flooding.  So I am playing it safe.  I am also replacing the engine mounts with ones that have adjustment built in, which my current ones don't.  I will get back to the boat Feb. 8th and finish the maintenance and then launch and head to south Florida for a month, ultimately making my way to Maine, hopefully.  I will post pictures of the maintenance when I get back to it.  Cheers.

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