Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mary Annie after a two week refit

In the middle of applying glass laminate to the rudder and installing new cutlass bearing.

A two week refit of Mary Annie this past month got her back in pretty good shape.  I sanded the bottom to knock off the crud and rolled on 6 coats of Petit Hydrocoat water based bottom paint.  I ground down the rudder and added 7 layers of glass and epoxy to beef it up a bit.  I took a grounding last year backing up and tweaked the rudder.  I hope this will keep it going for a decade more.  I painted on the sheer stripes with an ocean blue and buff color.  I had meant to do that initially but ran out of motivation after that long 5 year rebuild.  I repainted the bootstripe.   I changed out the motor mounts with mounts that had some adjustment to them.  I had to order another prop shaft because of scoring on the old one from what was said to be caused by lack of water to the cutlass bearing.  I also replaced the cutlass bearing.  So now she is ready of the next leg of the adventure as I make my way south from Carrabelle Florida to the keys and around and up the east coast.  That should start April or May of this year.  Cheers


  1. Hey Pat,
    Been checking in to your blog for the last couple years now off and on; I'm glad you keep updating it and am excited that you're out having a great time. Thanks for sharing - your documentation of what you've done helps others (me) figure out stuff about our adventures too!

    Safe travels and thanks for the time and energy you put in here!

    -Darryl from WI

  2. You're welcome Darryl. Thanks for reading and enjoy the outdoors.