Saturday, September 20, 2014

6/8/14-6/14/14: Sarasota to Ft. Myers: 80 NM

My wife Amy met me Sarasota for a couple of days touring the city and then for a week on the boat on our cruise to Ft. Myers.  I would take the ICW for the entirety of the trip.  For the second time in two years Amy would be on the boat on the hottest week of the year.  Even so we had a nice relaxed time and enjoyed the cruise.

Amy is a knitter so we hit all the yarn shops in Sarasota.  Here is a coral reef in yarn.
We toured the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens on the waterfront in Sarasota.
We enjoyed some good food and drink in Sarasota.

The first day of cruising was from Sarasota to White Beach.

Second anchorage was at Venice.  We couldn't get an acceptable slip at the marina so we anchored out in inlet.  There were swift currents but the anchor held for the night.  I wouldn't want to do this in windy conditions.

Here is our Anchorage in Cayo Costa State Park on our third night out.

We met my brother Pete and friend Kristen in Ft. Myers where Amy flew home and I acquired new crew.  The next leg was from Ft. Myers to Dry Tortugas to Key West.

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