Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Exuma Adventures: Staniel Cay to Nassau

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This is Cambridge Cay anchorage after leaving Staniel Cay and heading back to Nassau.

Another shot of our Cambridge Cay anchorage.  It was nice.

Cambridge Cay beach.  There is a nice short hiking trail that goes over the hills.

Cambridge Cay sky

Cambridge Cay
Cambridge Cay

Highborne Cay Anchorage

Fishing on the sound side of Highborne was very good.

Filleting the mahi mahi on deck.
Norman Cay Anchorage.  We were able to anchor in the channel this time through.

Norman Cay is a beautiful place.

I used conch for bait and hooked a nice snapper during the night.

Ship Caysunset

Below is an overhead shot of Ship Cay.  Very nice!

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Ship Cay was a great stop.  We bought a meal ticket for $20 and had a great lunch with the Powerboat Adventures group.  Shane did us right with his special tropical cocktails.

Ship Cay 

Ship Cay sunset
Back in Nassau anchored out in Nassau harbor.  I read this is a bad place to anchor but it suited us just fine.

Anchored out in Nassau Harbor.

We are in the cheap slips at Atlantis Marina.  They come with an Atlantis water park free pass.

Atlantis Marina

Sunset over New Providence Island

Atlantis Marina view.

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