Friday, May 10, 2013

Exuma Islands Adventures: Shroud and Hawksbill Cays

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Pete and I decided to try Shroud Cay next.  We had a couple of hours sail from Norman to Shroud and found ourselves a mooring buoy on the west side of Shroud and headed off to explore the island.  Shroud had creeks that run through it's interior and we spent much of the day exploring them on foot and kayak.  

Pete at the start of our Shroud Cay hike.

Kayaking the creeks of Shroud

We got some looks as I pulled Pete in with my kayak as he sat like an emperor in the inflatable.

Captain Pat on Shroud Cay

Young mangroves emerging from the creeks.

Beautiful water on Shroud

Mary Annie is at the far right.  It was always the smallest boat at the marina or at anchor.

After a nice stay at Shroud Cay, we made our way to Hawksbill Cay, just a short sail away.  We anchored off a beautiful beach and prepared to assault the island with enthusiasm, sunglasses, and sneakers.  What we found was a gem.

Mary Annie anchored off of Hawksbill Cay
 We found a trail marked by cairns and followed it for a near circumnavigation of the island.  It was a very nice hike with great views of the beaches.

A shot of Pete on the Sound side of Hawksbill

Pete again

The sound side of Hawksbill

Making our way around Hawksbill Cay

Great view from the Hawksbill Cay hike

I look at the beaches of Hawksbill Cay

Kayaking around Hawksbill Cay

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Our anchorage at Hawksbill Cay

The beaches right off our anchorage

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