Friday, February 22, 2013

A quick recap of the city of Apalachicola

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I thought the folks here were as nice a group of people as I have been around.  Like the lady at the courthouse said, "It's like a vacation for all of us here, everyday".  It shows too.  They pass that happiness right on to its visitors.  The history and architecture is worth the visit alone.  Walking the streets and browsing the shops is just FUN here.  You have the Gorrie Museum, the Raney House,  the Orman House, Richard Bickel's home, the Maritime Museum, etc, etc.  The seafood sure is good too.   The famous Boss Oyster house with their saying, "shut up and shuck".  But my favorite little spot was the Tap Room where the beers were good and I had the best fried oysters in town.  Yes, they were better than Boss's.   The town is clean.  They sweep the streetss.  I promise.  I saw them sweeping the streets with a hand broom.  It don't get no cleaner than that.  You can tell there is pride in this town.

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  1. I keep waiting and hoping you will finish this incredible story with pictures.