Sunday, February 10, 2013

1/25/13-2/3/13: Little Rock, AR to Lake Ponchartrain, LA: 650 NM

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It took 9 days to get from Little Rock to Lake Ponchartrain via the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers.  It was approximately 630 river miles.  "Mary Annie" averaged around 5 mph on the Arkansas River and 11 mph on the Mississippi.  The Arkansas was "tame" compared to the Mississippi, which had strong currents, lots of debris, a lot of barge traffic, and wind and waves.  The Arkansas was relaxing and laid back.  The Mississippi was challenging.  There are two fuel options on the Miss. River, Greenville and Baton Rouge.
Murray Lock, Little Rock

Amy, my wonderful river runner and wife

Locking through

Arkansas River Sunset
The White meets the Mississippi

Concentrating on the Mississippi

Navigating through a fog bank

Darryl at the helm

Barge traffic on the Mississippi
Dodging debris on the Mississippi

Lower Mississippi River sunset

A tug against the atomic sky
Sunrise is even better than the sunset
A barge works close to our boat against the blood red sky
Our first glimpse of New Orleans
Coast Guard boards Mary Annie in front of French Quarter
Caught at night in the Industrial Canal
We arrive at Orleans Marina after 14 hrs of motoring and 106 miles

Sailing Mary Annie for the first time on Lake Ponchartrain

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  1. Hey Pat & Amy,

    This is Danny and Debbie. The boat is beautiful! How exciting! We are looking forward to following you on your journey. Be careful and take care. Tell the girls we said hello.