Thursday, February 21, 2013

Say Hello To My Little Friend

You know how moms are.  They worry no matter the age of their son or daughter.  My mom's concern about this cruise was her son's safety and well being.  So she thought long and hard to provide me with a gift that could be both companion and instrument of safety.

So say hello to my little friend Wilson.

Wilson has become a steadfast, albeit somewhat quiet crew on the Mary Annie.  Nonetheless, he has become a valuable instrument of safety.  I like too keep things simple, and so does Wilson.  Most mariners have heard of the Beaufort Scale to gauge wind speed.  Well, to keep things simple, I have the Wilson Scale.  When things start to kick up a bit and it's time to make a sail change, I just take a quick peak at Wilson and he gives me the data I need.

When Wilson buries his head like an Ostrich, it's time to consider reefing the mainsail.
If Wilson is on the floor, the "shit is hitting the fan" so to speak
If Wilson is hiding under some clothes on the floor, well, we are both in our own "hell on earth" state.
Wilson came with his own "survival" kit.
The only problem Wilson has created thus far in our journey, and I am a little embarrassed to say, is that when my friends call me along the trip, they always ask how Wilson is doing instead of me.  That does create a bit of tension between us.

Cheers from the Mary Annie in Apalachicola Florida

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  1. Love it! I have enjoyed every minute of your trip, plus the antics of Wilson. We may be quiet out here, but you are being watched and followed by hundreds. Love the way you capture a moment with your pictures and an adventure with your words.